The Most Common Addictions And How You Can Overcome Them Indefinitely

We live in a modern society where we have more at our fingertips than ever before. Technology, legal highs and ways to block out certain memories are just some of the things we can get addicted to in our daily life. But these common and normal things for today’s world could turn into an addiction if you are not careful. So I thought it was worth highlighting some of the most common addictions and how you can overcome them indefinitely.




Drinking alcohol


Drinking a glass of wine or the tipple of your choice is something many people enjoy doing on a regular basis. They may associate drinking with the end of the working week or choose to enjoy a cheeky glass to help you relax at night. We all have our reasons and levels that we are comfortable with, but drinking can turn into an addiction if you are not careful. Being an alcoholic is an extreme version of the addiction, this is where you can’t even get out of bed without a drink to get you going. Being alcohol dependent is a whole different ball game and possibly more common than we realize because we are less aware of the signs. If you find yourself not being able to pass a Friday night without a drink or not being able to go a day without one, then you may be more dependent than you think and you could be addicted. Try and cut down and consider trying a booze free month to see how you get on. There are plenty of health benefits to stopping drinking for good.


Smoking each day


Smoking is another everyday habit that people partake in, but it is a strong addiction that some people can’t muster up the confidence to give up for go. There are a couple of reasons why smoking is bad for you, one being the harmful chemicals you inhale are the leading cause of fatal diseases that lead to death. However, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to quitting, so why not try nicotine patches, going cold turkey or even trying vaping with an e-cigarette? There are plenty of e-juice flavors to consider.




Addiction to the internet or your phone


As technology advances and we have more and more available at our fingertips, the rise of internet and smartphone addiction is increasing. Constant, bordering obsessive internet browsing and social media updates that become part of your daily routine can cause irritability, frustration and even affect your life and relationships. If you think you are getting too much internet and technology in your life, try to have moments of time where you are technology free. It’s strangely liberating, and after all, how did they manage all those years ago without the smartphone?






Workaholism is something that is fairly new, but as the rise of the commercial world exceeds so does the expectation employers place on us, and what we place on ourselves. Always wanting to be better than work colleagues, and putting in more hours than you need to be doing are all signs. Try and take a step back from work, and enjoy life outside of the office walls.
I hope this has made you more aware of some of the most common addictions we can all face in our lives.

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