Don’t Let Your Garage be a Bore – Update It Today!




We come up with so many ways of improving our homes: we improve the elegance of our living rooms, the beauty of our gardens, the comfort of our bedrooms. But you should never underestimate the power of a stylish garage! Garages have plenty of potential, and should be updated if you have the resources.


Here are some tips for creating a garage that you’ll really want to show off.


Clearing it out


A lot of people I know use their garage for the storage of miscellaneous junk. If something is cluttering up the house, the solutions become “throw it in the garage!” So many modern garages don’t even have cars in them. They’re just there for miscellaneous storage!




When people declutter, they often just throw the clutter into the garage. But the art of decluttering should be applied to your garage! Go through all those dusty items – the rusty tools that’ll break if you use them again, the forgotten children’s toys, the shoes everyone has outgrown. Ignore your nostalgia: throw away what you don’t need. If you think someone else can use it, then give it to someone else. Try offering it to a friend. If you think it may be worth some sweet cash, try selling it on eBay. Read more about selling clutter at


Style and security


You have to think carefully about the door linking your garage to your house, if you have one. (And if you don’t, you should be looking into installing one – they’re extremely useful if you want to access the garage without having to go outside!) It needs to be extremely secure, because garages are one of the most popular entry point for thieves.




Of course, the garage door itself needs to be sturdy as well as accessible. The importance of having the garage door professionally and properly installed cannot be overstated! You don’t want to get budget work done just to find that your garage door can barely open when the winter freezes are in. Read more about this over at


Extra room


Even when you’ve reduced the clutter in your garage to a minimum, you could be left with a lot of stuff lying around, leaving you not a lot of room to move around. This is why you need to make use of all the dead space in your garage!


A storage system suspended from the ceiling makes use of space you’re not using otherwise. You can build these yourself, with the right equipment! Find out how over at




The finishing touches
You’ve cleared out the junk. You’ve ensured style and security. You’ve installed useful storage facilities. What more can be done? There are a few cool tricks that can make your garage feel modern. Epoxy floor paint could be a cool idea. Or a parking sensor that makes actually parking your car in the garage much safer and easier. You could even get a magnetic tool holder that keeps your tools off the workstation! Read more over at

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