Let’s Prep The Garden For Winter!

It’s going to be 2017 before we know it, and like every year it might get you into the mood for a lot of big changes and fresh starts. There are all kinds of new year’s’ resolutions and goals that you can set yourself, but seen as you’re on this blog I’ll assume you want to go with something home-orientated. If your garden could do with a refresh, here are some tips on getting it ready for spring.

Prepare your Arsenal

Seen at Calbourne Mill, Isle of Wight.

Seen at Calbourne Mill, Isle of Wight.

Image: Flickr


By “arsenal”, I mean all those tools that have been lying around in the shed, exposed to the intense conditions of winter. The days are getting longer, and soon enough they’ll be getting warmer too, so make sure that all your tools are ready for the job by the time spring rolls around. Most of your tools can be cleaned off simply using soap and water, but for anything with wooden handles, you should get some mineral spirits to prevent them from splintering. When the sun starts shining again, you’ll have a range of tools in great condition, waiting for you to use them.

Clean Up


Image: Wikimedia


You garden’s probably taken a real battering through the winter, and been covered in all kinds of debris left over from storms. To make the actual gardening easier for yourself, you’re going to need to clean your whole patch up. First of all, clear the lawn and all your flower beds of any broken branches and dead leaves that have been whisked up by the wind. This can be left for a little while, but you should make sure that the job is polished off long before the first day of spring. You don’t want this kind of debris getting in the way of your spring bulbs and plants. The sooner you clear out the beds, the less likely you’ll be to step on any young plants and damage them irreparably. It’s also a good idea to roll out the pressure washer and give any patios or decks a good clean. These can get filthy through winter, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of effort later by getting started as soon as possible. While the Christmas decorations are still up, why not get a new pressure washer in the sales as a late present to yourself? You can find some handy information on washers at washwisely.com .

Get Your Soil Ready


Image: Wikimedia


Giving your soil the TLC it needs to be ready for planting is another important job to get out of the way before spring arrives. Start off by getting the pitchfork out, and turning over all your soil, raking it out and clearing away any weeds that may have grown through the winter. After that, throw a little more fresh compost into your bin. If you’re not using a compost bin, you can always get some store-bought compost or manure, and use this to add more nutrients to your soil. Adding this a week or two before you plant any spring pieces will give it time to mix well with your existing soil.

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