Asking for Support from Your Boss: How to Do It


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Any employee hopes that their employer will support them in the development of their career. Unfortunately, some employers are much less supportive than others. It can all come down to the luck of the draw when it comes to finding an employer willing to treat you well. While they all need to act within the law, this doesn’t always offer you enough protection. Choosing the right employer is half the battle of finding someone to support you. However, when you have a job, you can still work on getting your employer to be more supportive. Much of the time, the trick is to convince them of how it will benefit the company.

Discussing Support for Disabilities

One of the ways you might need support is if you have a disability. You might have extra requirements that will help you to do your job. Fortunately, the law is on your side in this situation. Your employer is required to make reasonable adjustments that will help you get your job done. This could include a range of things that will help you physically or mentally. You might need to ask for adaptations in the bathroom or perhaps a quiet space to work. You should speak to your company’s HR department if they have one. If not, you need to find out who handles these issues.

Asking About Training

Many employees choose an employer because of the prospect of undergoing extra training. An employer that will help you develop your skills is a good choice. Employers often want to train their staff because it encourages them to stay. It can improve productivity and quality within the firm too. Sometimes, employers will offer training readily because they can see the value in it. However, sometimes an employee might feel that they need to request training. Your employer can request the help of HR consultants to assist with delivering training, but first, you have to convince them.

Asking them to pay for your training isn’t always easy. You might also need to convince them to allow you to complete the training at work. The best approach to take is to show your boss how it will benefit them. Don’t make it all about you and how it’s going to be wonderful for your career. Go to your employer with evidence that the training you want to undertake will be useful for their business. You may also want to talk about it in general terms and not just in relation to you.


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How to Approach Your Employer About Education Funding

Sometimes, you might want to go further than asking for a bit of extra training. Some people hope to further their education with a master’s degree or similar while working. Many employers are willing to help pay for this if they value their employee. However, approaching your boss about this isn’t easy. As with training, you need to show that your education will benefit them. Of course, you also need to convince them that you are willing to stick around. They don’t want to pay for your education only for you to move on to another firm. Make sure you know what you want to do and how your new skills will help you in your current position.


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Proposing Support for Health

Many employers are beginning to focus more on their staff’s health. They recognize that healthier employees do more and better work. Sometimes, you might have a specific health issues that require your employer’s support. For example, you might be undergoing treatment for cancer. Discussing this with your employer and working out how they can help you is essential. However, there are other ways you might wish for your employer to support you in a healthy lifestyle. You could bring up the possibility of activities that might help with people’s health at work. For example, you could set up a lunchtime choir or an after-work running club.

Gaining Employer Support in Legal Situations

Another way your employer can often help you is if you have a legal issue. They will sometimes be able to offer support or advice from their legal team. This is especially true if you have an issue that relates to your job. However, even if it doesn’t, they may be able to help you out. Usually, contacting the company’s legal department directly is a good idea. However, you may also want to keep relevant people in the loop.

Asking your employer for support can be difficult. However, many are willing to help their employees in a variety of ways.

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