Your Secret Weapon: Getting A Lot More Out Of Your Smartphone When Travelling

Let’s start with an important point. We’re not suggesting that everyone spend their vacations with their faces buried in their phones. For the duration of the holiday, it’s worth considering switching off Facebook, Skype, and the rest. But that’s not to say that your phone can’t be one of the most valuable tools for making a holiday even more enjoyable.


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Avoiding the most dreaded problem

Modern phones are, honestly, pretty terrible when it comes to battery life. You can use your phone for all kinds of things, but only so long as you can keep it on. If you’re traveling, you seriously want to consider getting a tool to help you do so. Looking at some of the features of a good power bank, it’s hard to dispute the reasoning. Just make sure you consider things like battery type and charging speed before you pick it up.

Finding the best stops

If you’re on a road trip, then having a phone can be pretty vital to the trip. Sure, it’s about exploring. But exploring poor quality road-side restaurants doesn’t sound like much of an adventure. Instead, you can use apps like RoadTripper if you’re vacationing in the US. Apps like those can help you choose a route with better sights, better food and better places to sleep.


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Getting you and your pals organized

If you’re not traveling alone, it can be something of a hassle. People have different ideas of what’s happening and where you’re going. Doing anything in a group can be stressful, so those extra conflicts aren’t welcome. Consider apps like Evernote, that can help you all put your notes together and keep communicating and organized. That way, everyone’s looking at the same itinerary and no-one’s arguing on how you’re supposed to spend your time.

A personal travel guide

On the other hand, if you have nothing in your itinerary, that’s nothing to worry about, either. The internet can be a wonderful source of information but it can also be pretty overwhelming. For good advice on where to stop in your next destination, you want proper travel apps with information by travelers for travelers. It’s also worth noting that you should choose apps that allow you to use them offline, like Triposo. You never know how good connectivity will be when you’re out and about.


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A translator

The language barrier has been a consistent problem for the unprepared. It’s a good idea to learn some functional levels of the language for where you’re going to. But that functional language might make it hard to navigate train options or order at a restaurant. For those situations, there are plenty of translation apps that can help you in a jam. There are even some that can help you translate speech. Yet it’s always a smart idea to expect some errors when dealing with voice recognition software.

From helping you get around to making sure you’re ordering something you’ll actually find edible. Phones can be a very handy traveling partner. As we said up top, just make sure you’re spending enough time looking up from it to actually enjoy your holiday.

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