More Than Meets The Eye

You walk into a McDonald’s, order a burger and fries and get it quickly, or you go into a hardware store, find the part you need, and buy it and leave. It all seems so simple, right?

Many people think the business has these items or services and rakes in the money and that it’s easy and simple. But, in reality, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of just about any business you patronize, no matter how small.

I’ve certainly come to see this with my job at a radiator shop. It’s not just repairing and selling radiators. Parts have to be kept on hand, which means having them warehoused on site, stock has to be kept up, which means ordering new items from time to time. Add to this, moving items from stores that are overstocked to stores that need more of any item. In addition, there is a need for parts of radiators that need to be ordered and kept track of. Then, the shop also needs to have other services related to the repair of radiators and related items, so the shop does business with other service vendors as well.

Then, there are peripheral items which are just as important, such as items needed for the repair and upkeep of the tools and machines and vehicles that the shop uses. These can range from gloves and goggles for the welders, new blades for various saws and cutting equipment, lubricants and paints, and delivery of chemicals, fuels, and supplies needed daily. This also includes that item virtually all businesses use, paper.

Now, if you go to an eating place, you’ll likely see the cooking staff working, especially if it is a fast food place. But even here, you don’t see everything, especially the management of supplies and services provided by outside vendors, many of which are as important as the food they serve you.

When we are the customer, it’s easy to forget that all those other businesses and the clerks and employees you deal with, have as much complication as you do, and that there’s a lot more to a business than just the facade or sign.

So, next time you are feeling frustrated as a customer, even though the employee you’re dealing with is honestly trying to help you, the company honestly cannot make delivery any sooner, or the mechanic can’t see you today, try not to take it out on them. They’ll thank you for it. Happy shopping!

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