Stay Prepared! Keep the Charge and Gas Up!

A blog post, It Took an Earthquake to Teach Me Preparedness and Priorities from The Idea Bucket, regarding the recent earthquake in Nepal, brought something to mind. Namely, the things we often overlook when planning for an emergency.

Two of these are: Keeping your cell phones adequately charged up, and keeping an adequate amount of gas in your car.

I usually charge my phone if the battery level falls below 80 percent by day’s end, barring unusual circumstances, and when I travel; I always bring my chargers with me. And, I have a car charger for the phone, as well as one for my home. And this is a good idea, because you never know when you may need to use your cell phone at an unusual time. See Lesson 4 in It Took an Earthquake to Teach Me Preparedness and Priorities from The Idea Bucket.

I also keep my other electronics charged up as well, even though they are less likely to be needed in an emergency, possibly. If they are, I know I’m prepared.

And the car? Yes, I have read once or twice in the past that one should keep at least a quarter tank of gas in the car for emergency purposes. I usually fill up when my car’s gas gauge reaches the quarter tank level as it is. Occasionally, I do go past this, but most of the time, I do fill up at the quarter tank level.  Again, you never know, no matter how remote the possibility, when you may have to evacuate your town or city in the middle of the night due to some disaster and your car is the only ticket out.

So, don’t overlook these items when planning for emergencies. You have planned for emergencies, haven’t you?

Be safe!

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And thanks for reading!  🙂

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